Chatbots in the travel industry: how to simplify booking ?

Chatbots offer specific benefits in any field that chooses to use them. In the travel industry, they have become an integral part of the customer experience and are bringing real change. They can in fact simplify the reservation process in several ways, and guarantee 24/7 assistance for specific support for each customer. But, how can chatbots simplify the reservation process in the hospitality industry? Read this article to learn more.

Chatbots to simplify online booking

Chatbots are conversational tools that some businesses often choose to integrate into their service. These tools, like the one offered on the link, in fact integrate intelligence which allows them to carry out autonomous actions. They use machine learning to learn the most common questions people ask online. This is how these tools can effectively respond to online user queries.

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Simplifying the booking process in the tourism industry with chatbots is unparalleled. For businesses, it is enough to integrate these tools into their various digital platforms, whether websites or accounts on social networks. They can thus discuss their needs with users and process their various requests. The chatbot on a reservation site can indeed collect information such as:

  • The first and last name of the customers;
  • Arrival and departure dates;
  • The characteristics of the rooms they wish to rent for their stay, etc.

With all this information, artificial intelligence can search for available stays. She can also take reservations for travelers, so that they can move directly into their accommodation upon arrival.

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24/7 support throughout the entire booking process

Because they can establish conversations with users, chatbots are very useful tools for guaranteeing quality technical assistance to customers of hotel establishments. These artificial intelligences can in fact answer customer questions at any time, even outside the opening hours of traditional travel agencies. This is a huge plus for customers who are traveling in different time zones or need to book travel last minute.

They can adapt to the needs and preferences of each customer by asking them specific questions and analyzing their answers. This allows us to offer flights, hotels and activities that perfectly match customers' needs and schedules. These tools can help a user find a stay that fits their wallet. They make last-minute checks easier.

Additionally, chatbots can also help customers resolve issues encountered during their trip, such as a canceled flight or a lost suitcase. They can thus readjust the reservation to the client's latest programs and even make a cancellation if necessary. Chatbots thus guarantee a better customer experience throughout the reservation and cancellation process.

Simplified baggage handling and check-in

Chatbots can guide travelers through baggage handling and check-in processes to reduce stress and queues at airports. They can also provide information on transfer and luggage storage services at the destination.

Virtual concierges in the hospitality industry

Apart from reservation chatbots, hotel establishments can also make virtual concierges available to users. Most often installed on telephones, these tools are available at any time of the day and can therefore support customers on a daily basis. Customers are therefore not left alone outside opening hours. At any time, they can inquire about the availability of the apartments and instructions or recommendations regarding the use of the equipment within the rooms.

But apart from that, virtual concierges are known as real local guides. These tools usually come with in-depth knowledge about the region in which the hotel is located. They can thus inform customers about:

  • The best restaurants in the region;
  • The best bars;
  • Local attractions etc.

These chatbots can therefore support customers and help them make the right choice, according to their tastes. They can further help users book restaurants, activities and other services. The virtual concierge also has the ability to help customers access exclusive offers on activities and services. All this allows travelers to better organize their trip and have the most pleasant stays, while saving the most money.